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One Walk London 2024

Giving a little bit back!

On 22nd June Chloe and her trusty followers (aka Mummy, Daddy and Charlie) will be taking part in One Walk London - a 10km sponsored walk to help raise money to fund life-changing research and make a difference to the lives of people affected by type 1.

Chloe was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on 30th October last year and whilst every health care professional we've come across has been absolutely amazing, so much more awareness and research is needed for this life changing condition.  

On the night Chloe was admitted to hospital, JDRF gave her a fab teddy.  That teddy has diabetes just like Chloe, and he supported us through our journey of learning about diabetes, blood sugar testing and insulin injections.  That teddy made the world of difference to a very sick and scared little girl, and we would just like to give something back to the charity that first supported us.

We thought Chloe had a typical childhood sickness bug, little did we know that her body was in the life threatening state of DKA.  She had no other symptoms. 

Chloe's life changed forever on that night (as did ours). Initially we were reliant on finger prick testing, carb counting, and insulin injections four times a day.  Chloe now wears a continual glucose monitor which has made life so much easier, but living with diabetes is relentless and there is still so much more to be done for people living with this life changing condition.

400,000+ people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, and with your support and your generous donations, we can fund JDRF UK’s important work towards finding a cure. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

Every £10 could help run a research laboratory for 10 minutes - bringing us 10 minutes closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Every £25 could pay for an hour of research nurse support for someone involved in a clinical trial, which could ultimately lead to the next big breakthrough. Without this support, there would be no trial.

Every £50 could enable a scientist to use lasers for two hours, allowing them to study the immune cells at the heart of type 1, monitoring the success of clinical trials and further improving knowledge into type 1.

We know times are tough right now with the cost of living crisis but if you could donate anything, it would mean the world to us as a family. 

Together, we can help JDRF to eradicate type 1 diabetes!

All our love, The Osbornes. X

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Joel & Cannelle

Well done Chloe! My little sister also has type 1 diabetes since childhood so we hope this will help you both and lots of other patients. Thank you for doing this :)


Deepdene Stables

Good luck Chloe! You have all our support from Team Deepdene 🐴😁


Lauren Higgins

Well done Chloe, what a fantastic thing to do! Best of luck, Paul, Lauren, Frankie and Jaxon xxx


Tracey Calleia

Such a wonderful cause. What a great thing to do - enjoy it Chloe xx


Debbie Cropanese

Well done Chloe you’re a star xxxx



Awesome. Go Chloe Go! With love A. Denise & U. Keith


Rachel Harris

Chloe, we are all so proud of you and the courage you have shown every single step of the from diagnosis to daily life as you know it now. You are an inspiration to everyone. I wish you all the luck in the world, you're going to do this easily! Lots of love to you and your amazing family. Mrs Harris x



Let's go smash it xxx 🐴🐎🦄🐴🐎🦄🐴


Daryl Ross

Superstar Niece 🥰😍🤩😘


Paula Emmens

What an amazing thing to do. Sending encouragement and determination to get you through the 10k! (Make sure you wear comfy shoes!) Go Chloe!


Donna Bolton

So very proud of you Chloe. You have been so brave. Good luck for the walk. Have no doubt you will smash. Lots of love Donna xx


Peter Bolton

Good luck Chloe. We’re rooting for you girl x



Go Chloe, you are a tough little cookie and will do awesome 🙌🏻 well done love from all of us xx


Sonia Nevill


Tracey Kilkie


Hannah Davies

Such a wonderful cause! Well done Chloe! Hannah, Aaron and Freddie xx


Liz And Pauline King

Lots of love to Chloe xxx


Clare Brown

Good look with the walk Chloe. Well done with the fundraising. What a lovely thing to do. X


Carol Edmans

Well done Chloe for taking on this challenge. You are one amazing girl. You go smash it Love Carol xxx


Rosie Smith


Tracey Kilkie

Good luck Chloe. U got this!!! ❤️


Michaela Lawrence

Such a brave young lady! Enjoy every minute of the fundraising x


Keith Hornsbury

Go Chloe, and don’t ever stop chasing your dreams x


Martin, Natalie, Maeve & Jude

Good luck Chloe xx


Vicky And Scarlett

Good luck Chole , from me and Scarlett xx


Carrie Osborne



Good luck 🥰


Emma L

Well done, Chloe 🙂


Andy Lana & Eddison

Good luck Chloe. All our love, Andy Lana & Eddison


Marion & Pete Wilson

Good Luck Chloe , sending you love and best wishes x



Good luck Chloe, lots of love Quinn x x


Vanessa Oriola

Chloe you got this, such a brave girl. We are all behind you and so proud of you. Naomi x


Sally Farmer

Well done Chloe and Co, go smash it xx❤️❤️


Michelle, Charlotte, Holly And Zack Xx

Good luck Chloe!



Good luck everyone, a great cause X


Nicky Redfern

Well done!


Gill Casey

Good luck with your walk Chloe 😊


Molly Fisher


Jessica Dawson


Katherine Hobson

All the best on your challenge! X


Lisa Butcher

Good luck Chloe, you will be amazing!xx


Natalie Mountain

Chloe I think you are completely awesome. Good luck - you go and smash that 10k 🥰


Gemma Newland

Good luck to you all with your walk 😃☀️


Andy Poole



Such an amazing thing to be doing Chloe (and famalam) will be thinking of you all ❤️


Tricia Commins

Good luck Chloe (and supporters!)


Jennifer Hobbs-coulson

Good luck Chloe, we know just how challenging this condition is, but must be more so when you're only a tiddly, all the very best brave girl, Grace Pony, Guinness, Jen & Gracie xx


Anna Dadd

Good luck Chloe x



Good luck Chloe! This is amazing what a brilliant way of helping others! X


Dawn Hewett

You have got this Chloe xxx


Kelly Butcher



Good luck Chloe and Harvey! It's a brilliant things to do, and I hope that you can enjoy it.



Well done


Jo Jeffrey


Zoe Bartlett

Go Chloe !!!!!