T1D Ashcroft

One Walk Manchester 2024

400,000 people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, we want to change that.

In August last year, our Son, Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It turned our world upside down and came as a big shock but 8 months later, Henry has shown nothing but strength, resilience and achieving goals any 8 year old would achieve (but with a little more forward thinking ) As a family we will be taking part in One Walk Manchester to help raise money to fund life-changing research and make a difference to the lives of people affected by type 1!

400,000+ people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, and with your support and your generous donations, we can fund JDRF UK’s important work towards finding a cure. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

Every £10 could help run a research laboratory for 10 minutes - bringing us 10 minutes closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Every £25 could pay for an hour of research nurse support for someone involved in a clinical trial, which could ultimately lead to the next big breakthrough. Without this support, there would be no trial.

Every £50 could enable a scientist to use lasers for two hours, allowing them to study the immune cells at the heart of type 1, monitoring the success of clinical trials and further improving knowledge into type 1.

Thank you for your support, whatever you donate is really appreciated. Together, we can help JDRF to eradicate type 1 diabetes!

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Jackie And Tyrone Farber

Sending lots of love to Daniel Jess Hugo and Henry Well done for raising money for such a worthwhile cause and a special "well done " to Henry for showing such bravery. All the FARBER family


Sean Taylor

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Todd Watson


Jessica Ashcroft


Amanda Hurst

So proud of Henry, he’s an inspiration to everyone ❤️. So proud of his Mummy, Daddy and Hugo for doing everything possible to help him. Xxx


Laura Anderson

Beyond proud of the whole Ashcroft family, literally 4 superhero’s who have dealt with this challenge with nothing but resilience. Love you all beyond words & by your side forever xxxxxxx


Chris Hurst

You are all amazing


Lee Stone


Amanda Hurst



Lots of love & support from the Vipers!


Finley Hf

GO Henry, Hugo, Dan & Jess! We are so proud of how all of you have literally bossed this sudden change!!


Alex Barker

You have all adapted to this new challenge amazingly, especially Henry whose resilience has shone through. Lots of love The Barkers x


Steven Hurst

Best wishes from Steven, Ling and family Xxx




Laura M

Henry, you make our hearts burst with pride. Your strength and resilience is truly inspiring. We’re so proud of you all. Look forward to hearing all about the walk and seeing lots of pics! Lots of love, Laura, John & Archie xxx


Natalie Jackson

Good luck to you all raising funds for a worthwhile cause so close to your hearts. Very proud of you all 🥰


Danielle Crane


Rebecca Zoch