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One Walk London 2024

We're stronger together

Our amazing daughter Ruby was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at two years old. This year, at 4 years old - along with her mummy, daddy, brother, nanny, dopsy, aunties, uncle & cousin - we will all be taking part in One Walk London to help raise money to fund life-changing research and make a difference to the lives of people affected by type 1!

400,000+ people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, and with your support and your generous donations, we can fund JDRF UK’s important work towards finding a cure. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

Every £10 could help run a research laboratory for 10 minutes - bringing us 10 minutes closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Every £25 could pay for an hour of research nurse support for someone involved in a clinical trial, which could ultimately lead to the next big breakthrough. Without this support, there would be no trial.

Every £50 could enable a scientist to use lasers for two hours, allowing them to study the immune cells at the heart of type 1, monitoring the success of clinical trials and further improving knowledge into type 1.

Thank you for your support, whatever you donate is really appreciated. Together, we can help JDRF to eradicate type 1 diabetes!

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So so so thankful

Thursday 9th May
A quick one to say thank you so much to every single one of you who have generously donated to our fundraiser - collectively as a team we are so thrilled to have raised the amount we have done already - with another month to go before the big day! 

Our current total (including cash donations which are yet to be added to the online pot (but will be before the event) we are up to an incredible: £1,032.90!!

This money will make a difference in research which will hopefully change the lives of not only Ruby, but for every child, teenager and adult who contends with the enormous physical & mental toll that T1D takes on the individual and their family members every single day. 

Words cannot express our gratitude, but from the bottom of our hearts - thank you!

Just shy of £600

Tuesday 16th Apr
What an amazing first week fundraising! Including our lovely neice's paper sponsorships, we are up to 592.70! Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us all so far. Ruby is so excited to walk not only with her family and friends, but to meet other children with type one diabetes too! 

The money you're helping us raise will hopefully contribute to one day finding an easier, less invasive way to manage T1D 💙 Thank you again!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Liam Griffin


Hazel Leggetter


Steven Souch

Good luck Ruby


Chard & Holly

Keep on smashing it 💙


Derek Wager


Sheila Taylor

go team Ruby !!!


Linda B

Good luck!


Annabelle Defalco

We are so proud of you all. Forever grateful for you and Ruby and that our girls get so share this journey together. We love you, love Belle Isla and Lola 💙


Ben Smith


Teresa Mead

Good luck to you all!



Ten from meee and ten from Ma & Pa 🥰


Donna Copley

Good luck Smudge & family, what a beautiful brave little lady! Good luck Rubys Ramblers xxx


Debbie White


Charlie D

Good luck x


Karen Muir

Good luck Ruby and family xx




Neil Gee


Alex Rayment


Dawn Bracher

Go go Roo's Ramblers


Joey Spencer






Lila Bean


Darron Nicholson


Zoe Evripidou



Smash it gyallllllll


Casey Sales

Good luck! 💪💪


Katherine Roopchand

You got this Girls x


Dean Smith

Good luck 👍


Beryl Hancock

£10 from Great Grandma xx