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One Walk Glasgow 2024

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I’m taking part in One Walk Glasgow to help raise money to fund life-changing research and make a difference to the lives of people affected by type 1!

400,000+ people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, and with your support and your generous donations, we can fund JDRF UK’s important work towards finding a cure. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

Every £10 could help run a research laboratory for 10 minutes - bringing us 10 minutes closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Every £25 could pay for an hour of research nurse support for someone involved in a clinical trial, which could ultimately lead to the next big breakthrough. Without this support, there would be no trial.

Every £50 could enable a scientist to use lasers for two hours, allowing them to study the immune cells at the heart of type 1, monitoring the success of clinical trials and further improving knowledge into type 1.

Thank you for your support, whatever you donate is really appreciated. Together, we can help JDRF to eradicate type 1 diabetes!

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Thank you

Friday 17th May
Thank you so much to everyone who has shared or sponsored us, we all appreciate it.

Our story

Tuesday 14th May
On the 13th of May Ada-Grace aged 7 months was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, after a scary time in DKA.  Thanks to the resources made available and an amazing team at Edinburgh sick kids, she is now a happy 19 month old girl who is taking her treatment like a warrior 💪.

If we didn't have the various testing and products available, this could have been a different story.  This fundraising helps to provide ongoing testing and research that can hopefully one day find a cure ❤️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rosalind Bell

best of luck to everyone id do the walk but to old . great cause and hope you get lots of money, for the cause x


Michele Armstrong

Go Family!!!


Raymy Boyle

See if you can get the Proclaimers involved- they can walk some distance!



Good luck team Wobba!


Angie Boyle

Smash it team WOBBA, wishing you all the best ❤️





Supporting you from New York, and wishing you the best!




Tommy Armstrong

Go on team.




Marjorie Hilson


Sam Anderson

Go Team Wobba 🎉


Melissa Byrne

Go Team Wobba!



Good luck guys



Go team Wobba 🙌🏼


Richard Bell


Richard Bell