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I’m taking part in Discovery One Walk to help raise money to fund life-changing research and make a difference to the lives of people affected by type 1!

400,000+ people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, and with your support and your generous donations, we can fund JDRF UK’s important work towards finding a cure. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

Every £10 could help run a research laboratory for 10 minutes - bringing us 10 minutes closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Every £25 could pay for an hour of research nurse support for someone involved in a clinical trial, which could ultimately lead to the next big breakthrough. Without this support, there would be no trial.

Every £50 could enable a scientist to use lasers for two hours, allowing them to study the immune cells at the heart of type 1, monitoring the success of clinical trials and further improving knowledge into type 1.

Thank you for your support, whatever you donate is really appreciated. Together, we can help JDRF to eradicate type 1 diabetes!

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Luka & Diabetes

Wednesday 5th Jun
So I got brought into the world of Diabetes Type 1 in March 12th when my little boy Luka was diagnosed. He had had extreme bed wetting during the night and thirsty when he woke up! Thinking it might just be a regression due to having another baby soon I continue with the bed changing until week 2 when I went to the doctor! Her face said it all a d we were sent straight to hospital. 
After a lot of emotions fast forward to now he is fitted with an Omipod and I dived by days watching his levels on his Dexcom and counting carbs as well as juggling a newborn and helping Luka through his journey!
Looking back though without all this red I think I would be crying in the corner! This rec means I can monitor his levels throughout the day even when he is at nursery or asleep in bed! I can give him his insulin without the needles. Even though Luka doesn't like pump changing day and gets very stressed I tell myself every time we are so lucky to have this!!
In raising money for more research to be done to help children and adults like Luka so they can have the best technology to walk them through life and possible in find a cure!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Em,andy,alfie & Lily Xxx

So proud of you Daniella sending lots of love Em,Andy,Alfie & Lily xxxxx




Stephanie & Amber

Enjoy your walking! We will be with you in spirit! :)


The Swaines

Just amazing DanDan, Always an inspiration xxx


Daniella Reynard


Barbara Austin

Brilliant Dan - well done 🥰


Wilma James


Liselotte Rose


Tek Interiors

You are an inspiration darling! Full of admiration! In time Luka will handle this like breathing, but this is SUCH a worthy cause. Keep doing what you do! X


Karen Rossiter

Good luck Daniella 🥰


Tina And Nick

Well done, darling ❤️


Selvi May Akyildiz

Daniella you inspire us all. Sending huge love as always. I’m in awe of all the love and care you have for your boys. Xxxx


Charlie & Ava Xx

Walk like the wind! We will be routing for you, love you all so very much, love Charlie and Ava xx


Sam Reynard


Julia White

Well done guys.. good luck!


Marie Ped

Sending hugs to you all


Lydia Macmasters-green

Well done for fundraising for raising awareness Dani.. You’ve had an incredibly challenging few months and I’m so pleased Luka and Milo have such a wonderful mother and family to support them. Lots of love, Lyd and Lola xxx


Aya Marie Y-g

You got this 👍


Louise Hordern

You have got this sending love and strength x


Emma Challis

He’s so lucky to have a mummy like you, who I know will be amazing at helping him to manage his diabetes and to not let it get in his way of doing what he wants to do. Sending loads of love and strength x


Ellie Miller

Good luck Dani and Luka, you will both be fab! Well done for raising money for this important cause. :)


Kathryn Mitchell

Good luck to you all. Lots of love from all of us. Xx


Rebecca Smith

Luka my green group superstar, I am continually proud and impressed of the way you have handled your diabetes diagnosis. Well done Dani and Luka, you are raising money for a great cause :)


Amanda Lambert

Thinking of you Daniella. What a positive thing to do. Well done!


Reyhan Akyildiz-gladstone

We are so proud of you Daniella! You’re such an amazing mum to your wonderful boys. Love you lots xxx


Alice Medley

Good luck raising money for a great cause! Alice x




Rachel, Harry, Lyla & Toby Xx



Sam Clifford

Well done, lots of love xx


Sarah Johnstone

Good luck Dani and Luka! Dani you have been so calm and brave throughout Luka’s diagnosis and always your cheerful self. He is very lucky to have you as his mummy. X